There are three supported payment methods which are Corporate card, Corporate PrePaid, Direct Invoicing and Cash.

1. Corporate card: It is a credit card issued to an individual corporate traveler under a corporate account, used for business expenses. A corporate traveler gets his riding fare charged directly to the company via corporate card at the end of the ride. Click on Add corporate card button to to add new corporate card.

2. Corporate PrePaid: This method of payment is topped up from the Command Center or Corporate dashboard in order to allow corporate travellers to select and pay for their travel expenses.

3. Direct invoicing: Travel invoice(s) are sent to the company under its corporate account. Tick on the checkbox at direct invoicing to enable this payment method. If direct invoicing is selected there will be two more optional fields: client case matter and charge code.

4. Cash: Travelers pay by cash. Tick on the checkbox at cash to enable this payment method.