Step 1 – Access to the Command Center

*Check the credential details sent to your fleet's email address


Step 2 – Manage Vehicles

  • Navigate to "Settings"/ "Car"
  • Create Car make and model
  • Add Vehicles

Step 3 – Manage your drivers

  • Proceed to "Drivers" module
  • Add drivers
  • Deactivate or remove drivers

Step 4 – Set up your rates  

  • Rates set up in the system is applied for all your local bookings. There are three types of rates you can create for your service.
  • Regular rate
  • Hourly/ Daily rate
  • Flat rate

*Tip: Please make sure created rates are assigned to your car types.

Step 5 - Launch driver app 


  • Search Driver Pegasus in Stores 
  • Install
  • Sign in 

        *Check the credential sent to driver's email address.

  • Start working

*Tip: Please mind to keep your status available to receive bookings

You’re now good to go :)

Visit our Knowledge base for more helpful tips!

Team QUp