To help cover your operating expenses, the system allows you to set up various types of fees included in the total fare as follows:

- Tax;

- Toll fee;

- Heavy traffic;

- Airport fee;

- Surcharge*;

- Additional services*;

- Other fees.

These fees are located in Settings/ General. 

1. Airport fee

 It is possible to set one airport fee applied to all airports or separate the fee for each airport. 

Read more on detailed instruction

2. Surcharge

"Surcharge" is located in the "Service fee" tab.

There are three options to set a surcharge:

+ Day of week: choose days of a week to apply the surcharge, i.e. rush hour, midnight.

+ Single day: choose one date in a specific year to set the surcharge, i.e. a special event in a particular year;
+ Yearly: choose one date and this surcharge will remain and apply annually, i.e. New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve.

a/ The "Surcharge time Calculation" is to set a free-surcharge duration to allow your passengers to travel without a surcharge fee. This is to offer free surcharge for short trips. 

For instance, when the time calculation surcharge is 3 mins, a trip takes 02 mins on board, the surcharge will not apply to the total fare. When the trip takes 10 mins, the passengers will be charged the set-up surcharge.

b/ The surcharge fee is customizable and can be set either in Percentage or Amount.

See the tutorial video 

3. Additional service

This fee can be used when you are also providing other services such as, Coffee, Baby seat, Wheelchair, etc.

Please click on "Add" button and fill in the policy.

a/ You can set the additional service as an optional or compulsory option for individual car types;
b/ One car type can be set up with different additional services.

See the tutorial video

4.Other fees

To cover a fee that might arise during a trip, you can activate the "Other fees" feature right from your dashboard to let drivers add this kind of fee to the total fare

*How to do

- Navigate to "Settings"/ "General" - "Service fees"; 

- Turn on "Other fees"; 

- Input the default value; 

- Activate "Able to edit" if you allow drivers to edit the default value. You are also able to restrict the input amount; 

- Activate "Able to add note" if you want drivers to write extra description on the fee they charge; 

If you have any other questions that we can help, please feel free to contact our team at We'll be happy to assist!