The cancellation and no show policy are added in "Settings"/ "General"

1. Cancellation policy

It is possible to set up different policies for "Book Now" and "Book Later".

- Book Now

  • Duration (minutes): The passengers are allowed to cancel their bookings "x" minutes after their bookings are accepted without the cancellation fee; 

  • Times: This is the time when you start charging the passengers if they cancel their booking.

For instance, when the duration is "03 mins" and the time is "1",  if a passenger cancels the booking 04 mins after the driver accepts:
+ He will not be charged the fee if this is the first time of cancellation;
+ He will be charged the fee if this is the second time of cancellation.

- Book Later

  • Duration (hours/ minutes): Passengers are allowed to cancel their bookings "x" hours/ minutes ahead of the pick up time. 

2. No show policy

The policy is applied for both on-demand and in-advance bookings. Please turn on "No show" if you want to apply this policy. 

Your drivers can also be restricted from pressing No-show button right after he arrives at the pick-up location. To do this, please turn on "Apply countdown clock" then input a period of time drivers need to wait for passengers. 

*Note: The charged amount is set up differently for specific car types. 

Learn more on how to set up cancellation fee and no show fees