The regular rate works based on distance and duration.

To add regular rates, please navigate to "Settings"/ "Rates" and locate the "Regular" module.

- Click on "Add" and fill in the rate form as follows:

+ Starting fee: This fee applies soon after the passengers are picked up. This can be set up separately for Book Now and Book Later
*You can leave it "0" if you do not have "Starting fee" in your rate structure.

+ Distance fee: This fee is divided into three levels - First, Second and After Second distance. The three-range is flexible for you to set up. 

For example,

- First distance: From 0 km - 10 km => distance fee: $1.5 per 1 km. If customers travel within 10km, the distance fee for each km will be $1.5.

- Second distance: From 10 km - 20 km => distance fee: $1.3 per 1km. When the travelled distance reaches to this level, the fare might be cheaper than the first level.

- After second distance: From 20km and upward=> distance fee: $1.0 per 1km.

*If you charge the same pricing for all distances, please just simply input the same pricing.

+ Fee per minute: This fee is calculated per a minute since passengers are on board.

+ Minimum: This field is to define the minimum fee passengers need to pay for each trip. Passengers will pay the minimum when the sub total fee is less than the minimum set up. 

*You can set the minimum for "Book Now" and "Book Later" separately.

+ Passenger Cancellation: This fee is applied when passengers cancel their booking according to the fleet's policy. 

+ Passenger No show: Passengers will be charged the no show fee if drivers mark them as "No show" from the driver app. 

+ Assign car type: This is an important setting which matches the rate setting with a particular car type you want to apply the rate.


- If you forget to assign a car type in the first time rate set-up, you need to navigate to Settings/ Car - Car type to choose car types and rates to assign.

- Please check out this article to learn how to set up the Cancellation and No show policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us