Ordinarily, cash transactions are handled by offline payments between drivers and fleet's owners. 

That being said, fleet's owners can no longer have to chase drivers for money with the developed feature called "Driver PrePaid". Applying this advanced feature, drivers are required to deposit money in-advance and the commission will be automatically deducted after each cash transaction.

So, how do drivers deposit money?

First of all, as the traditional method, the operators can collect money from drivers and update their balance manually via the Command Center.

The second way and also the convenient one, on Driver app, when accessing to "Credit" tab, the driver can top up the money directly by clicking on "Top up" then inputting the amount. After that, his balance will be updated automatically.

As per your fleet's demand, we can also assist to set the warning amount that restricts driver not to receive bookings if his/her balance is under the warning. 

Kindly reach us at support@QUpworld.com for more details of this advanced function.