Surcharge is one of the additional fees added to the total fare. The setting can be used to set up surcharges during peak time, mid-night and even holiday or annual events.

The surcharge fees will be included in the total fare in addition to the basic fare and other service fees (if any).

There are three options to set a surcharge:

+ Day of week: choose days of a week to apply the surcharge, i.e. rush hour, midnight.

+ Single day: choose one date in a specific year to set the surcharge, i.e. a special event in a particular year;
+ Yearly: choose one date and this surcharge will remain and apply annually, i.e. New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve.


a/ The "Surcharge time Calculation" is to set a free-surcharge duration to allow your passengers to travel without a surcharge fee. This is to offer free surcharge for short trips. 

For instance, when the time calculation surcharge is 3 mins, a trip takes 02 mins on board, the surcharge will not apply to the total fare. When the trip takes 10 mins, the passengers will be charged the set-up surcharge.

b/ The surcharge fee is customizable and can be set either in Percentage or Amount.

For example, a trip cost $10 in basic fare and with surcharge activated:

+ If the surcharge is set to 50%. The total fare* = Basic fare + Basic fare * 50%  =  $15

+ If the surcharge is set to $6. The total fare* = Basic fare + $6 = $16

 *The total fare in this case is not inclusive of any other service fees apart from the surcharge.

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