Yes, we can. In practice, the credit card on file sometimes runs out of money or appears insufficient funds at the end of the trip. It is acceptable to complete bookings as "Partial Payment" or "Pending Payment" to allow drivers to continue working. 

Passengers who have outstanding amounts can be asked to pay off directly in the app if the owed amount is greater than the limit (*). They will not be able to make any new requests until settling their outstanding amount. 

1. When do passengers see this prompt?

- They didn't pay the full trip fare and/or fees to the driver at the end of a ride; 

- They cancelled or were declared "No show" in previous rides (if any). 

2. How do passengers pay off their outstanding amount? 

- They can pay via cashless payment available on the passenger app; 

- Otherwise, they can contact your fleet and settle their outstanding amount with cash accordingly.

Learn more on how fleets can clear outstanding from Command Center 

(*) The limit is decided by your fleet.

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