This is a common issue that fleets have been struggling with. Understand that, detecting driver's location and wait time has become possible along with other policies for "No show".

These validations are great additions to ensure that drivers arrived to pick up passengers. 

1. Detect driver's location as they are reaching the pick-up point

Drivers will be only allowed to declare bookings as “No-show” when their location in a specific range of radius, which is calculated from the pick-up location. 

How to activate this function: 

- Access Command Center/ "Settings" - Proceed to "General"/ "No show" 

- Turn on "Limit radius" - Input the desired distance 

*Note: Default distance is 0.5 km/ mile 

2. Validate wait time In case drivers need to wait for passengers for a period of time, you can set up a countdown timer to prevent them from declaring "No show" just right after they arrive. 

How to enable: 

Access Command Center/ "Settings"; 

- Proceed to "General"/ "No show"; 

- Turn on "Apply countdown clock"; 

- Input a duration of time drivers have to wait. 

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