Command Center will be alerted when Customers/ Drivers need an emergency help

1. Set up SOS function on Command Center Dashboard

  • Access your Command Center Dashboard
  • Navigate to Setting/General Emergency S.O.S
  • Input the SOS phone number for users to call
  • Click Save"


- Ability to set up an emergency number for each zone

- If you do not set up SOS number, it will show the option "Notify Command Center" instead of the authority hotline.

2. Deal with the Emergency SOS cases:

SOS pop-up will be immediately shown up on the screen of the Command Center Board when a driver or customer presses the “SOS” emergency button.

Click on the map link, it will show the live map of the booking

Click on the booking link, the booking details including booking No., Driver, and Passengers Name and License plate will be shown



  • All SOS notifications will be available and saved on CC at the SOS icon 
  • The Operator can manage all the SOS emergency cases if they the press button “SOS” and click “Show all”.